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The BA Interceptor saw a return to the streets for HO Phase Autos, with a modified bonnet, front splitter, and an engine and interior package. The first one built, the blue Falcon below was burnt to a crisp in the 2009 Victorian Bushfires (along with HO’s new workshop).

After the fires, Wayne designed an FG Interceptor that would become a Moffat Interceptor proposal for Ford. The idea was to produce a limited range of modified dealership specials with the Moffat signature, and each car would be 351Kw, and would be labelled so (this pre-dated the 351kw Falcon Ford would end up releasing). The bonnet and splitter combination became a popular addition to Ford’s around the country for several years.


BA and FG Interceptors.


This was the first HO Interceptor, owned by Keith Alexander. Wayne conceived this as an Allan Moffat GTHO proposal but the 2009 Black Saturday fires in Victoria, put an end to that.


Owned by HO faithful, Jimmy Morrison.


HO Phase Autos continued to build and sell the Interceptor kit for the aftermarket (front end mainly) for both BA and BF. We built a whole lot of bonnets, shakers and front splitters.


Wayne updated the B series Interceptor package for the FG. This car, also originally owned by Keith Alexander, was an idea for Ford to back HO in selling Allan Moffat HO Interceptors, with full engine, wheel and suspension and interior upgrades.

FGHO Body options.frontFPV XRwhite.jpg

For a while, Rod Barrett was interested in the idea and discussed the prospect of it being a James Moffat special. Unfortunately, Rod was fired from FPV and the idea never eventuated.


HO Cobra Interceptor


1000HP concept

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