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With the success of the Group C XD’s, Ford gave Wayne and Bob McWilliam more leeway when developing the XE Group C race cars. Wayne designed a new front bar for the XE and continued to modify rear wings to handle the high top speeds of the XE Group C (a problem never truly solved - the birdbath wing acted as a sail to slow down and stabilise the car at the request of CAMS). The XE Falcon was one of Wayne’s favourite designs he took part in, so before he passed away in 2012 he built a Phase 6 series II (under the HO name as originally intended) to leave behind for his family and fans. The historic Phase 6 from HO is still available (with nameplate).


This red XE Phase 6 was Wayne’s last build. In his words… “In 1982 Allan Moffat wanted to race an XE at the Bathurst 1000. So in 81, I drew up a car that he could take to sponsors while he started preparing a white body in anticipation. HO worked on making a street version that would be in his red number 9 format. In 82, Allan’s sponsorship fell through and his RX-7 was the replacement.”


The original proposal from 1982


So for his last build, Wayne decided to build the car that never happened. It's an example of a stock Phase 6, with suede interior, XF mirrors and inner door trims (as Wayne had originally intended for the XE), and alloy guard splints. He also made up a set of the first deep dish ESP snowflakes, which he would have loved to do in 1983. The ESP, also a Draper design, would have looked like this Phase 6 Falcon if Wayne had his way in 83.

Ian Branson PH6 - Daytrip 02.jpg

The newer Phase 6 builds, like Ian's here, are plated with HO Homologated Options name plate and are considered Series II builds.

Ph6 Hills-1-9.jpg

Big thanks to Blue Power Racing Developments in Melbourne who worked tirelessly to make sure this car was finished in time for Wayne to see it.

Jun Strath Creek Shoot.jpg

Photo by Yun Sawa for Street Fords


The original Phase 6 at Bathurst, 1983, covered in fingerprints.


This one has a Typhoon engine in it...

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