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Wayne Draper’s favourite driver was Allan Moffat. As a rookie at Ford, Wayne would get a kick out of Moffat driving around the GTHO’s, so Moffat was the obvious choice to relaunch the HO brand. Wayne always associated Phase Autos with HO but the Allan Moffat project needed to be a plain HO. This Allan Moffat endorsed monster was the quickest sedan in the country. It had a V8 Supercharger, HO suspension package, HO wheels and custom interior.


Bob McWilliam's Moffat Falcon


Motor Magazine. The Moffat HO was the quickest sedan in the country at the time.

Moffat HO Bathurst 01.JPG

Bathurst 1993

EB INDI car blue.bmp

Surfers Paradise Indy pace car, 1993


All Ford Day 2012


Moffat and the 1st build.

Wayne at Moffat HO launch 01.JPG

Press day at Moffat HQ in Melbourne.

Cenovis Bathurst 04.JPG

The idea was for Moffat to have a full-time race team and start a line of Moffat HO Falcons to compete with HSV. Without any kind of backing from Ford, it was difficult to compete.

EA PH& AMsketch.jpg

EA Moffat Sketch, 1987

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