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Design Prints by Wayne Draper / Commissioned artwork by Steve Park

Prints of Wayne Draper's work at Ford ion the 70s and 80s are available, along with HO Phase Autos work. Just head to Etsy and click on the image you want, then click on the frame you want and it will be at your house ready to put up on the wall in no time.

All prints are top quality and historical artefacts of Aussie muscle car culture. If there are images you have seen elsewhere but not available here let us know. Or if you have a favourite model from 1971 to 1994 we might have something you're interested in.


Commission Work from Steve Park. Your car drawn by one of the world's best. 

In 2011 Steve gifted this beautiful painting for Wayne. The GT stripe on the Super Roo was Wayne's first job as a rookie at Ford so it was the perfect present for an old mate. Prints are available.

Wayne - Dad - drawing - research centre EA26.jpeg
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