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Prints of Wayne Draper's work at Ford in the 70s and 80s are available. All prints are top quality art prints and historical artefacts of Aussie muscle car culture.

There is a story to this one. 


If Wayne Draper had his way this would have been the GTHO Phase 5 Falcon. From 1976, he was told on several occasions that if he continued the XD Falcon racing program he would be fired in no uncertain terms. He was forced underground and as history shows, with the help of Ford insiders, such as Murray Carter, he got the XD onto the race track. By 1981, Dick Johnson had become a national hero in his Tru-Blu Falcon and the XD was dominating in show rooms. So as a not so subtle message to Ford Executives, Wayne pinned this blue Phase 5 sketch in the design studio.


This is a fine-art print and exact replica of the original. 


We've decided to make this our first of many Draper renderings to be available. It will not be a limited run. In the spirit of the Phase 5 it will be available to all Ford Racing fans for as long as they want it.

HO-Phase-5-(blue)-sketch-1981 05 - 18x24inches.jpg

Wayne, a senior designer on the XE and ESP Ford Falcons, did Allan Moffat's race-car graphics through the 70's. But that all ended once Ford dropped support for Allan. When Wayne got word, early in 1982, that CAMS may still block the RX7, he drew up his XE Group C design with a No9 to remind Moffat that Ford fans were still keen to see him racing a Falcon - a red one at that. Wayne would have loved to see his hero racing it. But of course, Allan and Mazda sorted CAMS out and the new Ford hero, Dick Johnson, kept the Falcon at the front with Greens Tuf.


This drawing is what he based our Phase 6 build on, which he knew would be his last


It is a fine-art print and exact replica of the original. The reproduction was overseen by Rob Draper and is printed on thick matte paper.

XEGrpCmoff 03 - 18x24inches.jpg
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